Yazmin Solis

Christie Leomg,30, spends most of the year in Wisconsin. But once a year, the  Chinese American feels the tug of Chicago Chinatown.

“Every year I go visit my family members and tour around Chinatown…  I miss them so much,”Leomg said.

Leomg is an example of type of person who feels drawn to Chinatown, a neighborhood of 7,254 residents near South Side of Chicago.

Chinatown is bounded by the Chicago River of the north, 26th Street of the south, Halsted Avenue on the West Clark Street on the east. It is home to restaurants, shops and cultural land marks replicating China.

The Chinese started coming to Chicago in 1800s because of the transcontinental railroad and gold rush. The men would leave their wife and kids at home and go to the other side of the world to provide for their family, because in China, they did not have a good economy.

The first place that the Chinese would have to go to gain citizenship would be the Pui Tak Center to register to be come a Chinese American.

In Chinatown there is an attraction called Nine Dragon Wall. It was made in China, but sent to Chicago for the people who live in Chinatown.

In addition, the Allen Lee Square is a place that all the people from Chinatown go to see the Chinatown life unfold.

Chinatown gate was made in 1975 to be the original entryway for Chinatown. On the top of the Chinatown gate reads:“Everything under the heaven, for the people.”

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